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Pricing FAQ

Some of the more common questions we get.

Can you help installing server edition?

We do not provide installation service. Before purchase, you are strongly encouraged to start free trial. Server edition works as a custom web-server. If you do not have an experience with web-servers, please seek local IT specialist.

How long can I evaluate free trial version?

Free trial on server edition has no time limit. You will see notice at the top informing you of running free trial. When you are satisfied with the software, please purchase product key to register the copy and remove the notice.

What do you mean by 12 month maintenance?

Product key that you purchase will work on subsequent versions released for the next 12 months. This means you will be able to continue upgrading to the latest version for 12 months.

What happens after 12 months of maintenance?

You can continue using purchased copy of server edition forever. However new versions won't be eligible to work with your purchased product key. You can renew your product key which will give you access to new versions for the next 12 months.

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