Display a custom logo on the user login screen

This Guide does not apply to desktop edition installations, because multiple users are not allowed. Therefore, there is no login process.

Organizations hosting a server edition installation or subscribing to the cloud edition of Manager can display a custom logo on the user login screen. The login screen logo will be distinct from any logo set in the Settings tab for a specific business. For instructions on setting individual business logos, see another Guide.

The login screen logo option is universal, displaying to all users of all businesses recorded under the same license or subscription. So it will normally be used in the following situations:

  • Multiple users within a single business, where the benefit is primarily cosmetic
  • Accounting professionals providing services to multiple businesses, where the intent is to emphasize the service provider as users log in

The logo must be in PNG format and smaller than 250 kB in file size.

Cloud edition login logo

To upload a login screen logo for for the cloud edition, go to https://cloud.manager.io and click the Upload Logo button:

Follow through the self-explanatory procedure.

Server edition login logo

For the server edition, simply place your logo, in a file named logo.png, in your Application data folder.


The login screen will show the logo instead of the “Login” title:

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